The Benefits

Initially you may find the idea of a menstrual cup unfamiliar and therefore unappealing but Femmecup has endless benefits, it is more eco-friendly, healthy, cost effective and convenient than tampons or pads. To find out more please read the information below..


Femmecup is more eco-friendly

The average woman uses 11,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime.  This waste and the associated packaging all end up flushed down the toilet or dumped in landfill sites.

Femmecup produces no waste at all; imagine the difference women could make to the environment if they all use Femmecup instead

Femmecup is healthier

Femmecup is made from FDA approved, medical grade, hypo-allergenic silicone.
Femmecup contains no harmful chemicals, absorbency gels, additives or perfumes.

Unlike tampons, Femmecup is non-absorbent so it does not upset the delicate balance inside the vagina; it does not cause dryness and does not leave irritating fibres in your vaginal walls.

Femmecup is suitable for women who have allergies and sensitive skin.

There is no link to Toxic Shock Syndrome

Femmecup is more convenient

Femmecup is reusable so you always have it with you when you need it most!  It can be left in place for up to 12 hours; imagine leaving the house in the morning and not having to think about your period until you return home in the evening.

Femmecup can be used everyday of your period, no matter how light or heavy your flow is.  It can be worn overnight and when inserted correctly it does not leak at all.

Just imagine; no more embarrassing trips to the office toilet with a tampon in your sleeve; no more handbag stuffed with tampons and pads once a month; no more running out of supplies when the shops are closed; no more hunting for change for a vending machine.

Femmecup is more cost effective

By using just one Femmecup you can save as much as £1000.

Femmecup is reusable so this eliminates the need to purchase endless supplies of feminine hygiene products each month.

Can you afford not to use Femmecup?


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