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WIN Femmewash this bank holiday!

Added 28 August 2017

To celebrate the August Bank Holiday here in the UK every order received between 11pm Sunday 27th - 12pm on Tuesday 29 August will be automatically entered into a FREE PRIZE DRAW to win a 200ml bottle of Femmewash organic intimate & cup wash! Get ordering and good luck!

Femmecup is entering Product of the Year 2017

Added 18 August 2017

We are super excited to be entering Product of the Year 2017 as part of their new Menstrual Cup category! Please watch out for updates about how you can vote and help us to WIN!


Added 3 November 2015

Throughout November

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ALL orders for cups placed here at www. femmecup.com will be supplied in a beautiful, embroidered knickers shaped cotton bag for storing your Femmecup worth £3.49! Available while stocks last.

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Celebrate Earth Day 2015 with £5 cash back on all Femmecup orders today!

Added 22 April 2015

To celebrate, support and raise awareness of Earth Day 2015 we are offering £5 cash back to all customers who place an order on our website today.

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The Earth Day Network's year-round mission is to broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement worldwide, through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns. Learn more at www.earthday.org

Offer ends at midnight on 22 April 2015.

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Femmecup supports the 2015 Ditch The Disposables Campaign #ditchthedisposables

Added 11 February 2015

Ditch The Disposables is a campaign encouraging girls and women all over the World to Ditch The Disposables and make the switch over to reusable sanitary products including cloth pads, sponges and of course, menstrual cups! .

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Femmecup plan to make donations to homeless women via partnerships like Women's Aid & Donate for Dignity.

In 2014 the campaign gained publicity through promoting discounts with retailers and makers that were involved, but also through informative posts about the toxic chemicals used in disposable products and the health issues they pose. The campaign has grown and developed this year and will be even more exciting and informative. We'll keep you updated. If you can help or want to get involved then please contact us!

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Added 30 November 2014

Award winning UK business, Femmecup, today launches a campaign on crowd sourcing platform Indiegogo to raise at least £30,000 in order to become a fully-fledged ONE FOR ONE business. Read full article

Femmecup is stocked in national retailers in the UK and exports to 20 countries. Femmecup first became involved with charitable projects in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Nepal, offering thousands of women and girls access to low cost, safe, reliable, discreet and much needed sanitary protection. They could go to school again every day of the month, function normally during their period and regain their self-respect, shrugging off the shame they often felt about menstruating.

Today, they want to go a step further and make Femmecup a fully-fledged ONE FOR ONE business (some know this concept as BUY ONE, GIVE ONE) thereby helping many thousands more women and girls both in the UK and Worldwide. Femmecup is working with the charity CRISIS in the UK to reach homeless women and women in refuges nationwide.

Femmecup is looking to raise at least £30,000 in crowd sourced funding to upscale their UK manufacturing process, thereby reducing the unit cost for their products enabling them to implement the ONE FOR ONE system.

Femmecup is reusable; one Femmecup lasts for years and replaces up to 2,000 disposable tampons and pads with all their associated paper and plastic packaging. The waste reduction is enormous.

Waterways and oceans are cleaner as a result of using Femmecup, drainage systems stay clear of blockages, landfill waste is reduced and disposal issues become a thing of the past.

For some women in developing countries their period means exclusion, shame and embarrassment. For girls it means time off school every single month, this impacts their education leaving them disadvantaged and as a result some are forced into marriage at a young age. Giving a school girl just one Femmecup would enable them to have reliable, safe, comfortable protection that would take them through the rest of their years of schooling; this is simply life changing.

Closer to home we can offer women the chance to have a reusable, low cost, healthy, green alternative to toxic, irritating tampons and pads. A homeless woman who is given a Femmecup instantly has sanitary protection for years to come; the worry each month is gone. Femmecup even reduces cramps in nearly 40% of users compared to tampons; a benefit for every woman from any walk of life.

Health issues are also addressed, unlike tampons there is almost no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome when using Femmecup. There are no irritating fibres, toxins, absorbency gels and bleaches that most tampons and pads contain. Many women in developing countries do not even have access to conventional sanitary protection, they are forced to use rags, grass, leaves and even mud which harbour harmful bacteria and cause irritation and infection.

Femmecup has successfully been working with NGOs in Kenya, Nepal, Ghana and Uganda for the past few years, distributing thousands of Femmecups and improving women's lives.

Kate Selby, Founder of Femmecup said: "Every penny we raise will help achieve our goal to make Femmecup available to EVERY woman. Together we can change lives. Please support our campaign to raise at least £30,000 and enable us to reach females in the UK and abroad. For us to be able to realise our dream of giving one Femmecup to those in need for EVERY Femmecup purchased would mean the world to us and our business."

Ian Richards, Head of CRISIS at Christmas, said: "Without the generous support of donors, volunteers and partners, CRISIS at Christmas would not be possible. We would like to thank Femmecup for their donation. This support will help us to provide a lifeline for our guests this Christmas, and help them take their first steps out of homelessness."

Please visit http://igg.me/at/femmecupone to find further details and to make a donation.

Femmecup Limited was formed in 2007 by Harlow businesswomen Kate Selby and Julie Clarke who had a vision and passion to make menstrual cups available to every woman in the UK and Worldwide. They knew that switching from disposable tampons to a reusable menstrual cup was a no-brainer; their mission is to make three billion women aware Femmecup exists and offer them the chance to make the switch.

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Femmecup available in Superdrug stores

Added 17 September 2014

Femmecup and Femmewash are now available in the following UK Superdrug stores: .

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Milton Keynes, York, Merry Hill (nr. Dudley), Glasgow (Argyle St), Leeds (White Rose), Leicester, Sheffield (Meadowhall), Guildford, Brighton (Churchill), London (Marble Arch) and Banbury. Our products and these store locations are available at www.superdrug.com

Our products and these store locations are available at www.superdrug.com

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Femmecup has a new home!

Added 16 July 2014

Femmecup Ltd have moved to a new , larger HQ! Our new postal address is Unit C3, Harlow Business Centre, Lovet Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5AF, UK.

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Company director Kate Selby says of the move "We are very excited to be settled into our new home; we have more space and a great working environment. We feel readier than ever to reach more women with our growing range of products!"

Femmecup, Femmecup LITE and Femmewash are all available via the Femmecup website, many large retailers and online stores Worldwide.

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Femmecup LITE - the low cost, 12 month cup AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW

Added 28 May 2014

We are delighted to bring you our latest addition to the Femmecup Range: Femmecup LITE which has a 12 month life span and costs just £9.99

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Femmecup LITE is unique in the menstrual cup market; it is a low cost option specifically aimed at women purchasing their first menstrual cup to 'try out'.

Femmecup LITE looks exactly the same as Femmecup but it is a slightly finer, softer silicone (still UK produced, FDA market approved, medical grade). This means that we can offer it for a lower cost and the life span is still at least 12 months. Femmecup LITE is also an ideal option for teenagers, petite women, women that like to renew their cup more regularly than every few years and women with lighter flow.

Why Femmecup LITE? We know that cost is THE major deciding factor preventing women from trying menstrual cups; they don't want to risk large amounts of money on something that they are unsure will work for them. Femmecup LITE solves this issue and will persuade many more to take the plunge. There is nothing to stop you trying Femmecup today!

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Femmecup exhibiting at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2014

Added 10 April 2014

Femmecup Ltd will be attending the NPE Trade Fair at Olympia in London, UK on Monday 14 April.

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We will be looking for new distributors and retailers. Come and visit us on Stand No. 2057 For more information about the show visit www.naturalproducts.co.uk

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Press Release

Femmecup wins Best Specialist Women's Product 2013!

Added 22 September 2013

We are proud to announce that Femmecup has won 'Best Specialist Women' Product' in the 2013 Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards.

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Femmecup is among some prestigious company with winners of other Platinum Awards categories including Weleda, Neals Yard, Ecover and Faith in Nature.

Feedback from voters included: "This should be shown to all girls in schools! An economical, eco friendly, and more healthy alternative to tampons"

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FemmewashT menstrual cup, hand & intimate wash has arrived!

Added 19 June 2013

The latest addition to the Femmecup range is here. Femmewash is a gentle yet effective wash designed for your menstrual cup, hands and intimate areas.

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Femmewash is a natural wash made with soothing Organic Aloe Vera and essential oils. It contains no nasty parabens, SLES or soap and can be used on the most sensitive of skin and on all types of menstrual cups. It is pH balanced and hypoallergenic.

Use Femmewash daily as part of your beauty routine and during your time of the month for extra freshness and confidence. Femmewash is delicately fragranced.

Femmewash is made in the UK and is not tested on cute little bunnies or any other animals for that matter! It is registered with the Vegan Society.

Buy Femmewash 200ml here today for just £5.49

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Added 4 June 2013

To celebrate World Environment Day 2013 Femmecup.com are offering their single pack at just £8.99 including postage throughout Wednesday 5 June. Read full article

Every woman that switches from tampons/pads to Femmecup is reducing landfill waste and water pollution. The average woman discards around 11,000 tampons or pads in her lifetime. A shocking statistic that Femmecup works to reduce every day. Make one change and help the environment in a way that only women can (whilst saving money and a host of other benefits besides).

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Added 18 April 2013

We have a GREAT giveaway in conjunction with our friends at VEGFEST. Read full article

We are offering 2 tickets to see THE HAPPY MONDAYS live at Vegfest, Bristol on Saturday 25 May! All you have to do to be in with a chance is LIKE AND SHARE our Facebook page www.facebook.com/femmecup

We are giving away 2 tickets for this event on the evening of Saturday 25 May (Vegfest, Bristol runs 24-26 May 2013) when The Happy Mondays will perform alongside supporting acts. We will also send a Femmecup Twin pack to the lucky winner!

Competition entries close at midnight on (Happy) Monday 29 April 2013.

Can't leave it to chance? Don't panic; you can also buy tickets just for the Saturday night and/or the whole Vegfest event via http://www.bristol.vegfest.co.uk/admission


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Femmecup.com accepts competitor discount vouchers and discount codes

Added 11 February 2013

Femmecup Ltd (UK only for now) are accepting discount codes and vouchers from ALL other menstrual cup brands Worldwide when you order here at www.femmecup.com Read full article

So you can enjoy our low costs, free postage to most countries of the World* AND discount whenever you have a valid, current code or coupon from any of our competitors!

Simply include your discount code / voucher code in the comments/buyer instructions on your PayPal order and we will first verify and then refund the corresponding discount back to your PayPal account or card.

*Excludes Mexico, France, Spain and the Spanish Territories, Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia. For mail order to these countries see our Contacts page for distributor details.

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Femmecup appoint exclusive distributor for Latin America

Added 26 November 2012

We are very pleased to announce that Femmecup Ltd have appointed an exclusive distributor of Femmecup Ltd products across Latin America. Read full article

Alternativas Ecologicas will distribute and provide technical support for all Femmecup products to new customers across Latin America from their HQ in Mexico as well as handling all enquiries, sales, etc and providing services to the existing customers in these countries.

Femmecup Latin America can be contacted via www.femmecup.mx

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Femmecup appoint exclusive distributor in Slovakia

Added 18 September 2012

We are very pleased to announce that Femmecup Ltd have appointed an exclusive distributor of Femmecup Ltd products in Slovakia. Read full article

MD Environ will distribute and provide technical support for all Femmecup products to new customers in Slovakia as well as handling all enquiries, sales, etc and providing services to the existing customers in these countries.

Femmecup Slovakia can be contacted via www.femmecup.sk

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Added 3 September 2012

To celebrate Labor Day 2012 for all our US customers* we are offering 40% off the full Femmecup range throughout Monday 3 September 2012. Read full article

To access the sale simply purchase via the following link sometime on Monday 3 September 2012; so that's before midnight (PST). The link will not work outside these times

Click here This link takes you to the Femmecup website and is a secure purchasing page.

*Please note that only customers submitting orders via the link above with USA delivery addresses will qualify for this discount*

Please feel free to forward this link or to publish this link online; we want as many US women to benefit as possible.

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Centrefold; a film about the rise in women seeking a perfect vagina

Added 7 August 2012

A research charity in the UK has launched an animated film hoping it will encourage debate about the surge of women seeking "designer vaginas". Read full article

The film called Centrefold, funded by the Wellcome Trust, features three women discussing how labiaplasty - the surgical reduction of the inner labia - has affected them.

Last year more than 2,000 labiaplasties were carried out on the NHS in the UK and in the last five years there has been a fivefold increase.

Experts believe the total number is likely to be much higher when considering the unregulated private sector, where the surgery costs upwards of £GBP3,000.

Despite the increase in labiaplasty there are no universal NHS guidelines on the size and shape of normal female genitalia.

You can watch Centrefold and have your say about this issue at http://www.thecentrefoldproject.org/

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Femmecup awarded the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2011/12

Added 2 May 2012

Femmecup UK Ltd are delighted to report that the testers at Bizziebaby.co.uk love Femmecup menstrual cup and have just awarded us the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2011/12. Read full article

Visit here to read the reviews and see our shiny new award logo up close!

For more information contact us by email contact@femmecup.com or tel +44 (0)20 8532 9455

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Tampon hygiene horror: mouldy tampon found in packet of Kotex tampons

Added 31 March 2012

A woman was horrified this week to find a mouldy tampon in her box of Kotex applicator tampons, 23 year old Danielle Parr who lives in Texas, USA Read full article

"We understand how distressing it can be to find mold on a product that is used for personal hygiene and apologize for your concern," reads the alleged message from Kimberly-Clark, the makers of Kotex tampons.

"In instances where it has been found, we conducted tests on the product involved and have found the mold to be a common environmental species that carries no health risk," the message continues. "The vegetative mold is similar in nature to mold on vegetables or in baked goods."

The customer service representative who sent the email added that Kotex would be sending vouchers in the mail.

Apparently dissatisfied, Parr posted an update to her original post, addressing Kotex's response

"Yeah that's real reassuring. I was grossed out in the first place and their response just makes it worse! Seems this is a fairly common problem . . . and that is cause for serious concern."

Parr, who told ABC News that she bought the box of tampons just a few weeks earlier, added that she would never buy Kotex products again. Her blog post has been viewed more than 300,000 times, and readers' comments suggest they share her sentiment completely:

"Oh yuck!!! I would have expected more of an apology from their letter," wrote one commenter. "I would be thoroughly disgusted. When you buy a box of new tampons, you expect them to be clean . . . end of story."

See the pictures and read the full story here.

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50% off the Femmecup range on International Women's Day Thursday 8 March 2012

Added 6 March 2012

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2012 this Thursday 8 March Femmecup will be offering 50% off all products here at www.femmecup.com Read full article

50% off the entire Femmecup range including Femmecup single only £8.49 and Femmecup twin pack just £14.99

Tell all the women in your life about our offer and celebrate International Women's Day by giving the gift of happy periods!

To find out more about International Women’s Day visit www.internationalwomensday.com

Offer valid for just 24 hours throughout Thursday 8 March 2012 don't miss out!

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Your cup company needs YOU: help spread the word about Femmecup

Added 26 November 2011

If you love Femmecup as much as we do and want to tell the women in your life (and maybe some strangers too!) about it then get in touch. Read full article

We now have a selection of promotional products that we can supply you with totally free of charge: stickers, car window stickers, leaflets or even demonstration samples to enable you to explain menstrual cups easily.

We need your help to spread the word about Femmecup swiftly and effectively. So enlighten the women in your life and put a smile back on their faces during what is most all to often known as the 'dreaded time of the month'.

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Femmecup spreads the word in Uganda

Added 10 November 2011

As part of our ongoing commitment to reaching women in developing countries we recently assisted distribution of Femmecup in Uganda by providing heavily subsidised product. Read full article

Our contact Joanne Walker lived and volunteered in Uganda in 2009/2010 and whilst there she assisted a group of nine local women set up a small micro-finance initiative. The idea of the initiative is that each woman makes a saving each week into a local village bank. With the money the group save they provide each other with small loans to help them improve their incomes through developing new business initiatives.

Since Joanne left the village in 2010 the ladies built a stall on the main road where they sell their own produce. Each woman involved donated a tree and paid a local man to have the stall built.

During her recent trip back to Ruhanga Joanne distributed 31 Femmecups to these women and also to their daughters. We already have feedback from one lady stating that Femmecup is "excellent". Let's hope many more women benefit soon. To find out more about this initiative please visit: www.homestayuganda.com/women.html

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Going on holiday? Don't forget your Femmecup!

Added 4 August 2011

Travelling and being abroad when you have your period can put a dark cloud over your holiday but it doesn't have to be this way. Using Femmecup in place of disposable tampons and sanitary pads makes life so much easier and more discreet. Read full article

If you use a Femmecup on your travels you have no need to search unfamiliar shops for unfamiliar brands or worse; purchase from a hotel shop at massively inflated prices. It saves space in your suitcase or hand luggage as you only need to carry one tiny cup instead of boxes of tampons or pads. In more remote places or countries where there are cultural issues surrounding menstruation there may be no facilities for purchasing or disposing of used tampons and pads.

Then you have the headache of a soggy tampon string or sanitary pad wing hanging out of the side of your bikini! When using Femmecup there is nothing outside the body and it is not affected by swimming or showering so it is the most discreet protection you can use. Femmecup is also a more discreet option when sharing an apartment or hotel room with friends or family; no strings, no wings and no packaging or used product to leave in the bathroom.

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Femmecup is registered with the Vegan Society

Added 6 July 2011

Femmecup menstrual cup is a registered vegan product giving you peace of mind about the ethical methods employed in its production but why become a vegan? Read full article

The main benefit of becoming a vegan is widely considered to be environmental; it takes seven kilograms of grain to produce 1 kilogram of beef; 4 of pork and 2 of poultry. Each kilogram of meat represents several kilograms of grain and this grain production is one of the main reasons that the rainforests are being cleared. This massive amount of land used could be growing grain for humans to eat reducing food shortages around the World. To put this in uncomplicated terms; the beef in a Big Mac represents enough wheat to produce five loaves of bread!

In addition to this the excess amounts of animal waste produced by intensive farming pollute waterways. Farm animals also produce massive amounts of methane; a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. For those concerned about reducing their 'carbon footprint' reducing your meat and/or dairy intake is one of the most beneficial changes you can make to your lifestyle.

There are health benefits too; animal products are the only foods that contain cholesterol, stop eating it and you will not raise your cholesterol level and even keep blood pressure down.

To find out more visit www.vegansociety.com

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Free novelty storage bag with every Femmecup ordered to celebrate Tampon Alert Week 2011*

Added 2 June 2011

Next week is National Tampon Alert Week and to celebrate Femmecup are offering each customer a free novelty storage bag (in the shape of a pair of knickers) with each Femmecup purchased. Read full article

Tampon Alert Week raises awareness about the potential dangers of using tampons (even organic ones) and their known links with Toxic Shock Syndrome. To find out more about these issues, please visit http://www.tamponalert.org.uk/

*offer is valid on all orders placed between 9.00am on Monday 6 June and midnight on Sunday 12 June 2011

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Femmecup and the Nalini Project, Nepal

Added 3 May 2011

As part of our continuing commitment to reaching women in the developing World we continue to offer our B1G1 (Buy 1, Give 1) purchase option on this website that enables women purchasing Femmecup to simultaneously purchase another to be donated to a needy woman as part of our projects in Ghana, Kenya and Nepal. Read full article

The Nepali project (The Nalini Project) in association with The Mountain Fund have educated nearly 500 women on basic health, menstruation, personal hygiene and products available for menstrual protection. They have also designed a project educating nearly 70 healthcare professionals on the proper sanitation and use of Femmecup so that they have the knowledge and tools to teach other women in their respective communities. Femmecup Ltd originally donated cups for a trial to supply some of these nurses.

In addition to problems arising from lack of education, poverty, health and sanitation perhaps the biggest issue facing Nepali women during menstruation is social stigmatisation. The Mountain Fund believes that the Femmecup provides a progressive and innovative way for a woman to conceal her menstrual blood without having to hide from society herself. Moreover, Femmecup has the capacity to combat issues facing the economy, environment, gender inequality and social economic strife. To find out more take a look at this video profiling The Nalini Project or visit The Nalini Project page on the Mountain Fund website.

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Femmecup Mexico; sponsors Cycle Tourism Event

Added 2 April 2011

In December 2010 Femmecup Mexico sponsored 'The 1st Nacional Encounter of Cicloturism' (Cycle tourism event). Read full article

This weekend event gathered keen cyclists to promote and explore leisure travel by bicycle (a common pastime in Europe but not yet in Mexico). Participants completed an 80km ride, camped overnight and had a conference where Femmecup Ltd gave a presentation about menstrual cups, ecology and the many benefits for female cyclists and travellers in general.

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Femmecup donates menstrual cups to the women of Christchurch, New Zealand

Added 1 March 2011

Femmecup is proud to be doing our bit to assist the women of Christchurch, New Zealand. In conjunction with our Christchurch Femmecup distributor, www.environmenstruals.co.nz we are donating Femmecups to women struggling with sanitation issues in the quake struck city. Read full article

Up to 60% of households have been without running water and those that do have a water supply have been requested to use it sparingly flushing toilets only when absolutely necessary. There has been advice to bury waste and this leaves many women in a difficult situation when using disposable protection like sanitary towels and tampons.

We hope that our small donation will make life easier over the coming weeks and months whilst Christchurch is slowly rebuilt.

If you want to know more please contact Anna-Maria Covich at EnvironMenstruals: http://www.environmenstruals.co.nz/contact.html

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Femmecup comes home: the ultimate menstrual cup made in England!

Added 13 December 2010

Femmecup is now made entirely in England giving total peace of mind about the highest standards of quality being employed at every step of the manufacturing process. Read full article

We are proud to support the UK economy whilst making our business even more environmentally sound (cutting down on transportation) than ever before with no cost increases to retailers or consumers.

At Femmecup we pride ourselves on the highest standards of customer service and we value our customers views and ideas above all else. So whilst we were streamlining our supply chain we also did some research amongst thousands of menstrual cups users to find out what their 'ultimate' menstrual cup would look and feel like.

As a result of this research we have developed the improved new look Femmecup menstrual cup. Just as effective as the old cup, still made of medical grade FDA approved silicone, but now it has some new features to make its use and hygiene even easier. The stem, which used to be a circular hollow tube, is now a solid and smaller cylindrical tube. This makes cleaning easier whilst removal is still simple and comfortable.

A second design improvement is that the writing on the inside of Femmecup has been reduced to make cleaning and hygiene even easier.

Finally, we redesigned our packaging to reflect the high quality and standards of our award winning product and rapidly growing company.

Femmecup is the highest quality menstrual cup whilst still being the best value available anywhere in the World.

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Almost 40% of women who switch from tampons to menstrual cups discover their cramps are either reduced or totally gone!

Added 28 October 2010

Monthly period pains, cramps and discomfort could become a thing of the past by simply switching to using Femmecup in place of disposable tampons and pads. Read full article

We have quantified the percentage of women who experience an improvement in cramps when they switch to using a menstrual cup is a massive 38.7%*.

Amongst this group of women some also stated that the length of their period is also reduced by up to 2 days! These findings offer a simple alternative for women who experience dysmenorrhea (painful excessive cramps) to try before resorting to the more invasive contraceptive hormones usually prescribed by GPs.

*135 menstrual cup users surveyed October 2010

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Femmecup appoint exclusive distributor in Russia

Added 22 July 2010

We are very pleased to announce that Femmecup Ltd have appointed an exclusive distributor of Femmecup Ltd products in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Read full article

FemmecupRus will distribute and provide technical support for all Femmecup products to new customers in the Federation of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine as well as handling all enquiries, sales, etc and providing services to the existing customers in these countries.

Femmecup Russia can be contacted via www.femmecup.ru

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Buy one, give one: a Femmecup for every woman

Added 10 July 2010

Here at Femmecup Ltd we have launched the Femmecup; buy one, give one initiative that gives you the opportunity to purchase a Femmecup for yourself whilst at the same time purchasing a cup to be donated (via one of our charitable projects) to a woman in a developing country of the World. Read full article

Feel twice as good during your period; using your Femmecup gives you more freedom plus you have the satisfaction of knowing that thanks to your donation another needy woman is also being liberated from a lack of sanitary protection.

Femmecup Ltd currently sends donated cups to help needy women in Ghana, Kenya and Nepal. If you would like more information about this article please contact the Femmecup Ltd team.

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Femmecup; how do you fold yours?!

Added 25 March 2010

Did you know there is more than one way to fold Femmecup for insertion? Read full article

We have put together a series of photographs which show the different ways you can fold it. Many women find one fold is much easier than another. This feature is now live on our website; click here to view now!

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Julie Clarke of Femmecup Ltd wins Green Award at 2009 UK Enterprising Women Awards

Added 24 November 2009

On 24th November at a gala lunch held in Cambridge, UK for the 2009 Enterprising Women Awards our very own Julie Clarke won the green award category as a co-founder of Femmecup Ltd! Read full article

Julie Clarke explains what the win means to her: "My business partner, Kate Selby, and I are so excited to have received this recognition for Femmecup Ltd. The product provides a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative to tampons and we want as many women to know about it as possible. Femmecup Ltd allows women to make a really small change that will go a long way to improving the environment. Achievements like this make all our hard work worthwhile."

Any press enquiries should contact: Voice Communications, Suite 2, Courtyard Offices, Braxted Park, Great Braxted, CM8 3GA, UK T:01621 890230

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Femmecup now available in over 5,000 pharmacies in the UK

Added 3 November 2009

Great news for women looking for Femmecup in their local High Street; Femmecup is now available to purchase in almost all independent pharmacies and chemists throughout the UK. Read full article

If you visit your local chemist and don't see Femmecup on the shelf then just ask your pharmacist to order it and most can arrange a delivery to their store for the very next day.

Pharmacists wishing to stock Femmecup can contact AAH, Enterprise or Link3 to place an order.

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Femmecup Support Women In Developing Countries

Added 19 August 2009

Femmecup is pleased to announce that we are actively working to supply women in developing countries throughout the World with our product. An example of this is our association with the TYSGI (The Young Shall Grow International) a non-profit organisation providing opportunities for children and adults in rural areas in Ghana through education and basic skill training. As part of the TYSGI Ghana Project we are working together to supply needy women with Femmecup. .... Read full article

These women currently use rags, old clothing or grasses for their monthly sanitary protection; some have nothing at all. This not only prevents them from attending school or performing their usual tasks during their period but it causes bacterial infections and can be difficult to dispose of or wash. Following field visits there are now many Ghanaian women waiting for their Femmecup and with this in mind we now provide a donation facility for customers here on our website. Femmecup Ltd will match the amount generated by customer donations with their own contribution. Currently every penny will go directly to the supply of Femmecup to Ghanaian women.

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Femmecup appoint exclusive distributor in France

Added 01 December 2008

We are very pleased to announce that from 1st December 2008, Femmecup Ltd will appoint La P'tite Sauterelle as the exclusive distributor of Femmecup Ltd products in France. .... Read full article

La P'tite Sauterelle will distribute and provide technical support for all Femmecup products to new customers in France as well as handling all enquiries, sales, etc and providing services to the existing customers in France

Femmecup France can be contacted via www.femmecup.fr

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Is your choice of sanitary protection affecting your health?

Added 30 Oct 2008

Whilst your period is an inevitable part of your life and not something you would choose to have each month, the sanitary protection you use is within your control. The unquestioned choice for the vast majority of women in the UK is to use either tampons or sanitary towels. In fact, we buy more than 3 billion disposable sanitary protection items each year, which are being flushed away adding to marine pollution or dumped in landfill sites. The environmental costs are clearly a concern, but have you considered how safe they are to use?... Read full article

The main areas of concern are:

Dioxin is a potentially harmful byproduct of the chlorine bleaching process used in the wood pulp industry, which includes the manufacture of sanitary towels and tampons. Evidence is growing that even low levels of dioxin may be linked to breast cancer, cancer, endometriosis and immune system suppression.

Surfactants (additives used in tampons to increase absorbency) and fragrances may pose additional unnecessary health risks in feminine hygiene products.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare bacterial condition with up to 20 confirmed cases in Britain each year. Tampons (particularly high absorbency ones) may facilitate the infection because their use may cause lacerations and ulcerations of the vaginal wall. In fact half of all cases occur in menstruating women who are using high absorbency tampons.

In contrast, Femmecup contains no harmful chemicals, bleaches, fibres or perfumes and does not cause dryness. One Femmecup lasts for years; produces no waste and saves you lots of money aswell.

Femmecup has never been linked with TSS and is discreet, comfortable and easy to use. It can be worn for up to 12 hours, overnight and whilst swimming and playing sports.

Take the healthy option and start using Femmecup today.

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Femmecup® go Global!

Added 10 Mar 2008

Femmecup are delighted to announce that we are developing our brand and extending our reach to women all over the World. It is now possible to order Femmecup for delivery to any country via the Order Online page of our website... Read full article

Julie Clarke, co-founder of Femmecup says “This is a real achievement for Femmecup and brings us a step closer to our goals of raising awareness and usage of menstrual cups globally. We will continue to work tirelessly to inform women about this superior feminine hygiene option.”

Femmecup can also be supplied to international retailers, if you are interested in adding Femmecup to your existing range of products please submit your details via our Sell Femmecup page of the website.

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Make 2008 the year of Femmecup®

Added 01 Jan 2008

We all make new years resolutions at some time in our lives; and top of our list here at Femmecup® is spreading the word to every woman in the UK so that we can all benefit from Femmecup®... Read full article

Menstrual cups have been around for years; since the 1930’s in fact.  Thousands of women in the UK already use them and love them.  Disposable products (tampons and pads) were the fashion and overshadowed cups for a long time but with the issues surrounding environmental changes, Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and the high cost of living, this is starting to change.

So, don’t get left behind, get your Femmecup® today and say goodbye to expensive, wasteful, unhealthy periods!

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Femmecup® exhibits at The Clothes Show Live!

Added 30 Nov 2007

NEC, Birmingham - 7-12 December 2007

We will be a part of the largest fashion and beauty show in the World. The Eve Style Show is striding into its second year by bringing the fabulous pages of Eve magazine to life... Read full article

This unmissable show features the best in fashion, beauty, accessories, celebrities and expert advice for women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and fabulously beyond! See their website for more information www.evestyleshow.com

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Femmecup® exhibits at Body Beautiful Show & Spa

Added 01 Nov 2007

London - 2-4 November 2007

Why not come and join us at the Body Beautiful Show to learn more about Femmecup™ and meet the founders. We will be raising awareness and exhibiting alongside other great brands and products... Read full article

This year's show offers the perfect opportunity for some pre-Christmas party pampering, with the widest ever range of exhibitors, bringing the UK's leading heath and beauty practitioners together.

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The Future of Feminine sanitary protection is here

Added 31 Oct 2007

Femmecup® Ltd was established by Kate Selby and Julie Clarke specifically to bring a new design and mass-market brand of reusable menstrual cup to the market. The company is based in Harlow, Essex. Product is manufactured in the Far East to strict standards, using silicone produced in the UK, approved by the FDA and of a grade suitable for temporary implantation... Read full article

Kate Selby says "This type of product has long proven performance yet all but disappeared from markets in the 1930s with the rise of disposable products. However, it has continued to evolve and has been sold in small quantities around the world.

Cups of this type have until now, only had a small niche market in the UK but we believe the current emphasis on personal wellbeing and the environment mean the time is now right for them to appeal to every woman."

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